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School of Electrical Engineering and Automation was founded in 1946, after 70 years of development, it has now become the main force and an important base for talent training, scientific research and social services.

The school has 155 working staffs at present, including 121 full-time teachers, 23 laboratory personnels, 15 authorities and other staffs. Among them, there are 30 professors, 71 adjunct professors, one Cheung Kong Scholar Chair Professor, one winner of the National Excellent Young Scientists Fund , one person of National Thousand Talents Program, 3 New Century Excellent Talents of Ministry of Education ,81 teachers with doctor‘s degrees, 65 teachers with master's degrees. Besides, 24 Adjunct Professors have been appointed including academicians Zhou Xiaoxin , Lei Qingquan etc.

The school has two undergraduate majors, Automation and Electrical Engineering & Automation; National Key Academic Subjects of Power Electronics and Power Drives; A doctoral and master degree-conferring unit in first class discipline of Electrical Engineering (including 6 secondary disciplines ,Power System and its Automation, Electrical Machinery and Apparatus, Electrical Theory and New Technology, Power Electronics and Power Drives, High-voltage and Insulation, Electrical Control Technology (independent set) etc.)and post-doctoral research station. The collage has master degree Programs in first class disciplines of Control Science and Engineering (it covers three secondary disciplines, Control Theory & Control Engineering, Detection Technology & Automatic Equipment, Mode Identification and Intelligence System etc.); Two engineering master degree Programs of Electrical Engineering and Control Engineering.
We owned Discipline Introducing and The Innovation Base for Science and Technology in Renewable Energy Integration and Generation - "111 program" , Research Center for Photovoltaic Systems Engineering of Ministry of Education, Industrial Automation Engineering Technology Research Center in Anhui Province, New Energy Utilization and Energy Conservation Laboratory of Anhui Province, Aircraft Lightning Protection Key Laboratory of Anhui Province and other national and provincial research bases. We follow up academic frontiers on disciplines development and scientific research, get a considerable number of achievements in high level teaching and scientific research .The school has a certain influence and position in the field of domestic electrical and automation engineering.